Klajda Gjosha

Minister of European Integration

Klajda Gjosha

Mrs. Klajda Gjosha was born in Tirana, the capital of Albania, on 28 July 1983. She is married.

Mrs. Gjosha attained a Master’s degree in European Studies, University of Reading, UK (2006).

She graduated from the University of Reading, UK, Politics and International Relations major (2005).

Mrs. Gjosha completed A-level Strode College, UK (2002).

Mrs. Gjosha served as Deputy Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (2012-2013). From 2012 to June 2016, she was deputy Leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration Party (SMI). She is Chairwoman of SMI Women’s Forum, and member of the SMI steering board.

Mrs. Gjosha held many executive positions in other institutions, such as Tirana Municipality, Tirana Regional Employment Directorate and National Tourism Agency.

Since September 2016, Mrs. Gjosha is holding the position of Minister of European Integration.