Published on: 06 April 2017

SMEI IV kicked off, 2 million euro. Assistance on strengthening the capacities of Albanian administration for the integration process

Minister Gjosha: Responsibility and dialogue

bring us near to European values


Minister Gjosha: No return in the EU integration process,

It guarantees the rights of every citizen


Project “Support to the Ministry of European Integration and line ministries (SMEI IV)” kicked off. This EU-funded project kicks off in a key phase of Albania’s commitment to join EU, and amounts to 2 million euro.

Minister of European Integration, while launching the project, stressed out that country’s integration in EU is a process without return. “I would like to emphasize this because the technical assistance we receive from our European partners is extremely important, but on the other hand, it belongs to Albanian institutions to show responsibility, commitment and professionalism in order to push this process forward”, Minister Gjosha added.

Minister Gjosha underlined that integration of Albania will occur from Albanians themselves/ will be carried out by Albanians. “Therefore, our obligation is many times greater to show the unwavering willingness towards our country and citizens, who are the strongest supporters of this process”, Minister Gjosha added.

She underlined that establishment of the rule of law, consolidation of democracy, comprehensive dialogue for the country’s European future should constitute the fundamentals of our everyday work.

“Without all of these, Albania cannot become a better country and cannot advance in the process to increasing the standards and creating a new model for future generations, by avoiding the rhetoric. I would like to reiterate that the integration process consists on, above all, changing the society’s mentality. It guarantees the rights of every citizen or minority”, she added.

SMEI IV will provide technical assistance on capacity building, preparation of structures for carrying out an efficient and professional screening process.

Through this project, Albania will also receive support on establishing the necessary capacities for aligning and harmonizing national legislation with EU legislation.

“This assistance is crucial as the technicians group and public administration will hold the most important weight of the process. Albania should be willing to become part of the European values, by establishing the rule of law and fighting corruption, organized crime, as well as respecting the fundamental rights of people, values that constitute the basis of democracy”, she added. 

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