Published on: 09 May 2017

“Open Door for Youth”, Europe Day celebrated in Elbasan

Minister Gjosha: Europe’s doors are open to us; the solutions for the good of Albania will open the door for accession talks

Minister of European Integration started today some activities on the occasion of the Europe Day. For the first time, Europe Days was set to be celebrated in Elbasan, one of the biggest cities of the country.

Under the slogan “Open Door for Youth”, o group of young people performed with a well-known repertoire in Albania and Europe.

Present in the event were, apart from Minister of European Integration Ms. Klajda Gjosha, Mayor of Elbasan Municipality Mr. Qazim Sejdini who welcomed this initiative, as well as a number of district deputies and hundreds of young people.

“Those doors are half-opened, not because Europe’s doors are closed to us, but in order to open them completely, it requires young people with vision, responsible politicians, dialogue, constructivism and it is never too late for the country to find solutions, as what we may come up with could open the door to accession talks with EU”, Minister Gjosha said.

European Integration Minister said that, with youth by its side, Albania will soon be part of the united Europe, a big family with extraordinary values where we participate.

“I believe that the European integration process is not simply a process of reforms but much wider, including cultures, traditions and best values of Albania”, Minister Gjosha added.

The Minister stressed out that it is essential to transmit one of Europe’s most beautiful messages, that of unity, being together. 

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