Published on: 07 April 2017

Joint Committee on European Integration between Albania and Montenegro convened

Minister Gjosha: Committed on the justice reform, implementation through Chapters of rule of law

“Montenegro’s experience in the negotiations process, valuable to Albania. Regional cooperation is crucial for the integration of our countries.

Takes place the second meeting of the Joint Committee on European Integration between Albania and Montenegro. Minister Gjosha opened the meeting by praising the excellent cooperation between the two countries not only in political level but also expert level.

Minister Gjosha stressed out the importance of cooperation in EU-funded programmes, underlining the fact that these programmes have direct impact on the lives of citizens.

“Our shared vision to join EU brings us closer one another, but i strongly believe that what really connects us is good neighbourhood, which has to be preserved and deepened as only this way it will be easier for every step we take”, Minister Gjosha added.

Focusing on the document on opening accession negotiations, she said that Montenegro’s experience since the opening of accession negotiations is valuable to Albanian institutions, because it’s a success story that has to be followed.

“We are committed to implement the justice reform and we hope that a considerable part of it and further strengthening of the track record in the fight against organized crime and corruption, will be done under the negotiations on Chapters 23 and 24 that are the first ones we want to open”, Minister Gjosha said.

European Integration Minister said that cooperation under the Berlin Process is of a big importance, underlining that common projects have to concretized in the Trieste Summit, which serve to economic development, citizens and consequently to the integration process. 

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