Published on: 10 April 2017

4-day training for civil servants on the negotiations process with the EU launched

Minister Gjosha: Seriousness to advance with the

reformsdetermines the pace of our EU journey


“Albania needs a qualified administration that has deep knowledge on the integration process”


Minister Harito: You are the harbingers of things to come. Long,

complex, and tough process that requires strengthened capacities


Minister of European Integration Ms. Klajda Gjosha and Minister of Innovation and Public Administration Mrs. Milena Harito attended the launch of the 4-day training for civil servants. This training, with French and Croatian experts, will focus on the negotiations process with the European Union.

Minister Gjosha stressed out that following the positive recommendation from the Commission on opening accession negotiations, Albania’s expectations are considerable on kicking this process off as soon as possible.

“I would like to emphasize that we are fully aware about our commitment to further advance with the reforms, as well as the seriousness of every phase of the process, will determine our journey’s pace towards integration in EU”, Minister Gjosha said.

European Integration Minister Gjosha underlined that preparation of public administration takes a priority importance. “Strengthening of professional capacities is an integral and essential part of Ministry of European Integration’ policy, as we are convinced that only this way we will be able to successfully overcome all steps lying ahead of the accession process”, she added.

There are approximately 100 experts working with these two groups, who, at the end of April and starting of May 2017, will participate in the explanatory meetings.

Minister Harito stressed out that civil servants are the harbingers of things to come.

“I am very pleased to greet you all because the long and hard negotiating work starts with you, that is a long, complex and hard process which requires further capacities and skills. We are making all the necessary reforms for a stable public administration, so you can be part of an administration with transparent recruitment and motivating career system. Today, you are part of such public administration, but at the end of this process you will all be part an EU country public administration”, Minister Harito added.

This PAD-organized training, in close cooperation with Albanian School of Public Administration, comes in the right moment with the aim at preparing the members of Inter-institutional Working Groups with the necessary skills in order to face challenges with EU institutions, as well as institutional and administrative capacity strengthening to coordinate the negotiations process.

“In technical terms, negotiations will be tough due to the abovementioned reasons, too. In Croatia’s case, approximately 4000 civil servants and Croatian experts were engaged in negotiations or inter-institutional working groups or even other activities to meet the accession conditions. It implies that there is a voluminous work lying ahead”, Minister Gjosha concluded.


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