The mission of the Ministry of European Integration is to ensure technical guidance and coordination of Albania’s EU integration process through formulation of integration policies, harmonisation of the national legislation to EU acquis, implementation of the SAA, implementation of the EU recommendations concerning the accession criteria, coordination of EU financial assistance and public information on this process.


The Ministry of European Integration performs the following activities:


Coordinate and monitor:


  • preparations of Albanian institutions and their commitments taken on in the framework of the SA process; in this view, the Ministry coordinates and monitors the implementation of the SAA, as well as reporting and participation of Albanian institutions in the meetings of the SAA Committee and Subcommittees.


  • efforts across line ministries and other central institutions to develop national plans for the implementation of the recommendations contained in the European Partnership and other EU documents, with the view of meeting the EU accession criteria;


  • the progress of the approximation of national legislation to the EU acquis, by keeping regular contacts with line ministries and other central institutions. Besides, it assists them in developing the legislation needed to meet the obligations deriving from the SAA;


  • EU assistance for Albania (IPA – Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance) in line with the national priorities. Besides, MEI follows signature of financing agreements between the EU and Albania in the framework of the EU financial assistance.




  • methodologies to facilitate implementation of sector reforms required under the SAA;


  • the National Plan for the Implementation of the SAA (NIPSAA) and revise it in co-operation with line ministries and other central institutions, and checks implementation of this plan and other related plans against the EU recommendations;




  • compliance of legislation proposed by line ministries and other central institutions to EU acquis, which should indicate in the accompanying report the level of approximation and references to EU legislation and case law;


  • certify translation of the basic documentation required for the approximation of the national legislation to EU acquis;




  • in working groups set up by other State institutions to develop programmes for Albania's integration in the EU;


  • exchange information and organise regular meetings and national, regional and international level in the context of the EU integration process.